Hello, I’m Talina.
Engineering Manager at Couchbase

I am currently employed at Couchbase, a leading cloud-first NoSQL database company. I am passionate about solving challenging systems problems, where I can apply my skills and knowledge in architecture, design, scalability, reliability, and performance.

I enjoy mentoring and guiding my team, delivering new features on time, and ensuring customer satisfaction. My goal is to create innovative and impactful solutions in the technology space.

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Who am I?

My career journey has been diverse, starting as a quality engineer at Veritas. Eager to explore entrepreneurial endeavors, I ventured into founding a tech company, where I created a hyper-local retail product catering to Indian fashion brands.

Soon after, I joined a fintech company, where I became an integral member of the Site Reliability Engineering team. In this role, I contributed to shaping and implementing SRE practices and culture from the very foundation, & addressing core systems and scalability challenges. My journey led me to Couchbase, where I initially served as a backend systems engineer. Over time, I transitioned into a leadership position, guiding my team in delivering features for Couchbase's cloud product. This evolution has allowed me to leverage my diverse background and contribute to the continued success and innovation within Couchbase.

I’m very determined, a fast-learner, curious and a natural leader. I lead by example and work side by side with my teams. I bring business and product vision to tech teams.

About Me


University of Pune
Bachelor in Computer Engineering | Edge Computing & Artificial Intelligence
Engineering Manager
Couchbase. USA
2020 (6 months)
Startup Exploration Phase
. India
Senior Software Engineer
Trusting Social. India
Manage Code Cultivate. India
Associate SQA Engineer
Veritas Corporation. India
2014 (6 months)
Google Summer of Code Intern
Google OSS. India
Microsoft Student Partner
Microsoft. India


I have 10+ years of experience in software development, engineering leadership, and cloud computing, working with various technologies and platforms across different domains and industries.


From time to time I give presentations, talks or participate in meetups about the topics that I am passionate about.

Conference Talks (2018-2021)

Meetups & Trainings (2016-2021)

Pune User Group Meetup (27 November 2021) - Private Networking Made Accessible in Azure Women Who Code Meetup - Learning Go Series Part 3 (5 October 2019) - Concurrent Programming in Go. Women Who Code Meetup - Learning Go Series Part 2 (28 September 2019) - Mastering the basics of Go. Women Who Code Meetup - Learning Go Series Part 1 (21 September 2019) - Building Simple, Reliable and Efficient Software. Women in Tech Meetup (23 March 2019) - Building Reliable and One-click Deployment Cycles Engineering College Training Speaker (February 2017) - Java SE 8 Training Engineering College Training Speaker (September 2016) - Website Development Using PHP Engineering College Training Speaker (Feb-Mar 2016) - Mobile Application Development Using Android Engineering College Training Speaker (Jan-Feb 2016) - C++ & Object Oriented Programming


Talina has been outstanding in anything and everything she worked on. Thoroughly professional, studious and always hungry for doing more work, I have hardly seen any fresher so committed to the work. Talina has been exceptional in handling the pressure situations and adapting to changing needs of the project making her one of the most valuable member in the team and a 'go-to' person. I recommend Talina as she will be a definite asset to the team she joins.

Sameer Bhide

Sameer Bhide

Principle Engineer II | Commvault

Talina has always been prompt in her work and could grasp ideas quickly. In addition to fulfilling her duties, Talina has also been an important contributor to the Design and Framework planning for a robust automation project at Symantec. Talina is a well connected professional who always takes the time to support anyone in her network. She has a very impressive background and profile and I recommend Talina, as she'll be a great addition to any team.

Nishant Raj

Nishant Raj

Senior Engineering Manager | Amazon

I worked with Talina and other students during their Final Year BE project as their Project Mentor. I had this idea of building a tool which can find out the coverage of source code documentation to help other developers. Talina picked up the idea as well as design quickly. She was prompt is asking right set of design questions to iron out the grey areas that made the design robust. She took the lead in planning how to divide the various module as well as tasks assignment based on their interest and areas of interest. She completed her tasks on time with quality. Overall the project went pretty well and in the end as project mentor I was quite happy with the work. Also the project was very well appreciated by External review in their college. Keep up the great work Talina!!

Arun Garg

Arun Garg

Sr. Principle SQA | Symantec